Frequently Asked Financial Questions

Frequently Asked Financial Questions

Honesty and transparency

We are happy to answer all of your questions. We have curated a series of common questions that we are asked. These are great questions to ask any financial advisor. Make certain you understand the responses. If you still have questions please contact us to get more detailed responses. Gaining your trust with honesty and transparency is our primary focus.

Are you a fiduciary?

Fiduciaries work in the best interest of their clients. Non-fiduciaries need only to recommend products that are suitable for their clients. We utilize fiduciary concepts to ensure you are given the best possible custom solutions for your financial challenges.

What is Prosperity Financial Solutions investment strategy?

Aligning yourself with a financial advisor who has a similar philosophy is key. Our primary focus is risk mitigation. We want to aggressively seek your goals without taking undue risks with your money.

What asset allocation style do you use?

We believe in diversity. This leads back to our investment strategy of risk mitigation. Prosperity Financial Solutions has been around long enough to see the rise and fall of domestic and international markets. We have also seen ebbs and flows of each sector of business. We understand how to properly balance and diversify investments as well as vehicles for investing.

Why do people hire you?

Security, peace of mind, accuracy are all reasons. Planning for retirement, taxes, and college are all complex issues. It is easy to make a simple mathematical error or do not consider other avenues for success. Our team is invested in your success. Our mission is to help you consider every option. We are the second pair of eyes and ears to help review and contemplate your life goals. Prosperity Financial Solutions can provide a valuable second opinion and review of all your most important documents.

Is this legal?

We take legality seriously. We make every effort to comply with the latest guidelines and rules. We pride ourselves in being your trusted advisors. Trust as our foundation means that offering you the most sound and accurate advice is critical to our long-term success in your financial well-being.

Can you help me qualify for financial aid?

We will do everything we can to set you up for success. Many people think that the family income is a major factor in the aid awarding process. In reality, it is only a small piece of the puzzle. We can help you identify the types of aid that are a good fit for your household.

My student doesn't know what major they would like. They don't even know what college to attend. How do we get started?

We can help at any stage! We offer full academic and career planning services. If your student lacks direction, let us help them spend active time thinking and envisioning their future. Producing a clear picture in their mind of their life in the next 5 years will provide them with clarity. Once we have worked with them to determine a few possible options, we can help leverage our network of business professionals for ride-alongs; a day in the life of X job. These types of experiences are invaluable in helping a student find clarity and focus.

When to apply for financial aid?

Early and often is the answer! Do not fall prey to the idea that you need to wait until you are accepted to start the application process. Put in as much work ahead of time as possible! Take the steps to help you make a full picture of the costs of each college. Knowing the financial opportunities of each college could be the deciding factor when choosing which to attend.

When to start financial planning?

Right now! We can't go back in time yet. So we have to start from this moment. We can help you develop a goal. Once a goal is formed, our team is incredible at breaking that goal down into easy to follow steps. Let us help you start your financial journey today!

The best time to start is right now! We cannot wait to hear from you today.