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Ali Flynn

To My Precious Daughter Leaving for College: This is a New Chapter for Us Both

I never thought being a mom would tug at my heartstrings as often as it does, but as I count down the days until my daughter leaves for college, my heart is being pulled in so many directions.

My precious girl…

Our days are numbered, there I said it. 

I don’t want to admit it, but it’s true. 

I have 128 days, to be exact, where I can see you each day, tuck you in at night and close my eyes knowing you’re safe and sound right down the hall from me. 

I know I will always be your mom and we will forever be connected, but my gosh, this all happened too fast. They said it would. Others warned me. Still… my heart isn’t prepared. 

It feels like yesterday you were born…

You were just budding teeth and babbling while laying in my lap gazing up into my eyes. 

You were just beginning to take your first steps ready to explore your new world. 

You were just learning your first words, splashing in the tub, and looking at life around you bright-eyed and curious.

And, in what seems like a blink, this chapter in your life is ending and a new chapter is about to begin.


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To My Precious Daughter Leaving for College

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