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Marybeth Bock

New College Parents, just Remember Three Simple Words

College drop-off is a whole new ballgame. The act of physically walking away from your child is a metaphorical corner in your life and theirs. No matter what emotions you feel on this day, there will be an outpouring of advice from many different points of view.

These well-meaning people may not realize the confusion and doubt they are stirring inside of you, but you only need to remember these three words:

You do you.

There will be so much conflicting advice, and it may not always align with what you believe to be best. But you do you and trust your instincts because you know your child the best in this world where others have only had a distant stadium view. 

The only input that should influence your decision-making process during the college years is that of your child. This is the time in their life where you need to start handing over the reins to them and allowing them to figure out how to handle situations.

No child does college perfectly, but when you do you with love and respect, you are doing the best parenting that you possibly can.

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Three words for new college parents

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