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Randy Levin

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing College Admissions Essay Topics

Understanding the purpose of college admissions essays is the first step. These essays help the admissions office evaluate how you would fit at their school as a person, not a student, athlete, or class president. Your essay will be the only opportunity they have to figure out what makes you real.

Topics to avoid when choosing your college admissions essay topic:

  • Writing about academic accomplishments
  • Trying too hard to appear intellectual
  • Trying too hard to appear creative
  • Taking a generic approach. Stay far away from these types of clichĂ©s.
  • My major interest is to major in chemistry
  • Trying to hard
  • Not reading the schools website

Overused topics (aka the seven deadly sins):

  1. Vacation: Club Med / Costa Rica/ Cruise
  2. Sports Injuries
  3. Death
  4. Disease
  5. Divorce
  6. Disorders
  7. Relationship break-ups

However, there are some exceptions to these topic choices.

Lastly, don't be negative.

For a deeper look at why to avoid choosing these topics, read the full post here.

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