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Beyond Babysitting: Winter Break Jobs for Teens and College Students

Many college students are home for extended winter breaks and may not be able to keep jobs during the school semester. If they want some spending money for their free time or to buy Christmas gifts, finding a way to make extra cash doesn't have to be a part time retail job.

  1. IT Help
    • Your student probably knows more about electronics than most adults over 50. From teaching how to use Zoom to printing photos, many people would be willing to pay money for technology odd jobs.
  2. House and Pet Sitting
    • After getting used to being in their own space, many students may enjoy getting out of their parents house for a few days. We know they are responsible, they have been keeping up with their studies after all.
  3. Seasonal Work
    • A lot of stores and institutions need extra help during the holidays. This temporary work may align perfectly with your students winter break schedule.
  4. Household and Yard Help
    • Older people and those who live by themselves have difficulty putting up Christmas decorations or doing basic yard work. This is a great opportunity to provide a needed service and a little holiday cheer too.
  5. Personal Shopping
    • With changes we've seen the past few years, a lot of people are limiting outings to preserve their health. Providing personal shopping services for groceries or Christmas gifts is a great way to make extra cash.

Get the word out

Spreading the work that your student will be home and providing some of these services will be the most difficult part. In small towns, word of mouth seems to be best so tell anyone you know about it and encourage your student to post on Facebook and ask clients to share about them with their friends too!

For more information about each and helpful tips check out the full post here.

Beyond Babysitting: Winter Break Jobs for Teens and College Students

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