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A Year After College Drop Off, I Know You Will Be Fine

In the hustle and bustle of buying and packing for their first move away from home it’s hard to make yourself believe everything will be ok. But everything was fine, is fine, and will be for you too.

Things may not go smoothly and you may cry, which is fine because many things will go down in this process. From feeling awkward living in a small space with someone who isn’t family to getting lost, losing their phone, or getting sick; they will be fine.

And on top of their discomfort, you’ll feel lost, miss their dirty socks on the floor, or may feel guilty and proud about not thinking of them for a day. And you will survive. After a year passes, you’ll look back and wonder why you stressed over so many small things. But they are your babies, they just have bigger bodies now.

We only want the best for them but they always figure it out, plain and simple. And when they couldn’t figure it out, you did it together. But when that time of year comes around again you may shed a few more tears and worry a bit more because they are your baby. With each hurdle, life will keep moving forward.

They will survive and you will too.

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A Year After College Drop Off, I Know You Will Be Fine

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